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Möbius - Experience first-hand what it means to have the best-in-class stochastic topology optimization technology at your disposal to create optimized yet safe products.

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Key Features

Innovate with Möbius!

Get superior performance at minimal weight
Stochastic optimization algorithms ensure your designs are formally robust and fit for any reality.

Anticipating real-life variability effects makes your designs more resilient and durable because they do not exhibit stress hot spots when deployed in the field.

When Möbius is applied early in the process, it allows you to navigate the critical path throughout the engineering process.

You start with a resilient optimization foundation, that doesn’t require complete rework with inevitable late-stage changes.

Leverage Möbius optimization from the concept phase onwards and you will boost your time-to-market and your speed of innovation by a factor. Being first to market can easily translate to seven-to-eight digit profitability.
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Work it fast!

Unmatched impact for engineering
Work it faster! See how iterations become a matter of minutes between Engineering and Design, with automatic analysis of optimized parts.

The way our optimization solution works is easy: get yourself a browser, access Rafinex Möbius on the Cloud and get going.

Möbius is delivered as SaaS with efficient computation on state-of-the-art Intel Xeon and AMD EPYC processors.

Adaptive local mesh refinement technology, our extremely efficient optimization algorithms and the smooth, high fidelity output gets you up to speed.

With fast and intuitive workflows, you achieve a harmony between design and engineering with dozens of component parts per day.
This rapid revisioning reduces uncoordinated work, eliminates rework in analysis and saves third-party outsourcing.
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Spiralling pressure for new designs delivered faster and cheaper makes agile engineering vital to get ahead of the market.

Combine early manufacturability analysis with our advanced topology optimization tool to amplify innovation whilst staying on time and on budget.
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Demands absolute reliability, top performance and higher-rate manufacturing.

Enter stochastic topology optimization with manufacturability constraints, to ensure these expectations are met by robust designs which are fit for reality.
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Rafinex rises to the challenge of solving the toughest engineering and design optimization needs.

Customer Stories

We at Nuform have identified the optimization technology for robust designs from Rafinex as groundbreaking. As specialists for the technical tranformation in companies, Nuform will leverage Möbius to make our customers more competitive and sustainable. We have already seen radical impacts both in designs and across the process chains for conventional manufacturing processes as well as for additive manufacturing.

Dr. Christian Lamberti
Technische Leitung und Entwicklung bei Nuform.

We’ve been working with Rafinex for two years and during that time they have brought new ideas to the analysis sector as a whole and we can see major benefits in using their techniques to optimise our designs for a range of transport sectors. This complements very well the analysis led design approach that we have been working on together.

Kevin Lindsey
Technical Director FAR UK Ltd.

Rafinex are one of the most interesting of a new generation of technology providers in the composites space, adding genuine value to our design process and enabling Carbon ThreeSixty to deliver ever more optimised structural composites to our automotive and land defence clients.

Will Battrick
Chief Technologies Carbon ThreeSixty Ltd.

We are partnering with Rafinex because they are an extremely effective and results-driven software company. The combination of ModuleWorks CAD/CAM technology and Rafinex advanced optimisation algorithms builds an effective bridge between the worlds of engineering design optimisation and manufacturing.

Lothar Glasmacher
Head of Additive and Process Technologies, ModuleWorks GmbH

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